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The Ladybirds

1 long loaf
6 salami slices
6 slices of hard cheese
1 cucumber
1 slice of orange cheese
1 pea
3 small tomatoes
6 black olives without pits
6 corn kernels
6 green lettuce leaves
fennel stalk
green butter

  1. Cut a long loaf into thin slices.

  2. Spread one slice of the long loaf with paste, and another one – with green butter.

  3. Cut each slice into two halves.

  4. Lay the halves with paste on the halves with butter.

  5. Make four more such sandwiches.

  6. Cut a circle out of a whole slice of the long loaf by means of a mould.

  7. Make one more similar circle.

  8. Spread one of them with paste, and another one – with butter.

  9. Lay them one upon another.

    Lay green lettuce leaves on the dish for a cake. Lay the sandwiches from above as shown in the photo.

  10. Lay a small tomato with the cutting downward, and cut into two halves.

  11. Put the tomato halves with the cut downwards.

  12. Cut each half into two parts. These are the ladybird’s wings.

    Cut circles out of cheese of the same size as salami circles.

  13. Cover the salami slices with cheese circles as shown in the photo.

  14. Lay the ladybird’s wings from above.

  15. Cut a slice from a black olive without a pit.

  16. Put it to the ladybird’s “head”.

  17. Cut another olive into thin rings.

  18. Cut each ringlet into four parts. These are “paws”.

  19. Put the “paws” to the ladybird.

  20. Cut small circles out of the left olive slice.

  21. Lay them on the “wings”.

  22. Cut a top from a corn kernel.

  23. Lay it with the cut downwards.

  24. Cut into two parts. These are “eyes”.

  25. Make “pupils” of tiny slices of a small fennel stalk.

  26. Paste the “pupils” with butter.

  27. Lay the “eyes” on the “head”.

  28. Make five more similar ladybirds.

  29. Lay each on the sandwich edge as shown in the photo.

  30. Cut a thin slice of a peel from a cucumber in the form of a petal.

  31. Cut off four more similar petals.

  32. Lay them in the center of the cake.

  33. Cut a flower out of the slice of orange cheese by means of a figured mould.

  34. Put a pea in the center of the flower.

  35. Lay the little flower in the center of the cake.