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The Accordion

2 rectangular shortcakes
1 pastilá
red fruit candies
8 green fruit drops
7 sweet sticks

  1. Cut a thin slice off pastilá.

  2. Cut it into strips.

  3. Cut another slice off the pastilá and cut it into strips too. These are "white keys".

  4. Lay the "white keys" on the shortcake as shown in the photo.

  5. Cut the "black keys" out of red fruit candies.

  6. Lay them on the "white keys" as shown in the photo. It is a right keyboard.

  7. Lay out eight green fruit drops on the other shortcake. These are "buttons" of the "left keyboard".

  8. Lay both keyboards side by side.

  9. Take seven sweet sticks of the length identical with the length of shortcakes.

  10. Lay these sticks between two keyboards in the form of a fan as shown in the photo. These are "bellows".