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A Funny Man

1 pear
2 slices of a green apple
2 kiwi fruit kernels
1 physalis
1 big slice of a grapefruit
1 mint stalk
1 blackberry

  1. Put a pear with the tail upwards; cut the top part off it.

  2. Cut two thin slices off a green apple.

  3. Lay the cut top of the pear on an apple slice. It is a "hat".

  4. Lay the "hat" on the "head" - the bottom part of the pear.

  5. Cut two small circles out of the second apple slice - "eyes". Make "pupils" of kiwi fruit pits.

  6. Paste the "eyes" with a honey droplet.

  7. Cut out a "mouth" with a knife.

  8. Remove a flower from a physalis fruit.

  9. Cut it into two halves. One of them is a "nose". Spread the cut with sweet glue - honey.

  10. Paste the "nose" as shown in the photo.

  11. Cut a big slice off a grapefruit.

  12. Lay the man’s "head" on it. Attach a mint stalk to the hat.

  13. Lay a blackberry on the hat.