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The Pisces

1 green olive without a pit
4 corn kernels
1 black olive
1 slice of salami

  1. Take a green olive without a pit.

  2. Cut it lengthways into two halves.

  3. Cut one of them across into two parts.

  4. One part is a "head".

  5. Cut a "tail" out of the second part as shown in the photo.

  6. Make "scales" of corn kernels.

    Put the "head" to it. Make an "eye" of the slice of a black olive.

  7. Cut the second olive half lengthways into two parts.

  8. Cut one of them across into two halves. These are "fins".

  9. Put the fins.

  10. Lay another corn kernel.

  11. Put the "tail".

  12. Lay this on a slice of salami or on a little sandwich - a canapé.