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The Shark

  1. Bend sausage in half as shown in the photo.

  2. Fix edges on a slice of a long loaf with a stick.

  3. Make a spiral of a cucumber, having left a cucumber end intact.

  4. Make a through hole in it with a bar and insert a stick in it. Lay the spiral on a slice of a long loaf.

  5. Make "eyes", having got a radish circle on the stick, then a half of a black olive, and a corn kernel.

  6. Cut a slice with a toothed edge out of cheese.

  7. Slice the cucumber lengthwise.

  8. Cut the triangles - fins and a tail - out of a cucumber slice. Make some little teeth on the top fin to strengthen it between the spiral coils.

  9. Insert fins and a tail. Insert "teeth" into the shark’s mouth. If desired, first spread a slice of a long loaf with butter or mayonnaise; put a slice of ham on it.