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The Clown

1 portion of spaghetti
3 table spoons of green peas
1 small tomato
2 circles of zucchini
2 black olives without pits
3 circles of a boiled carrot
6 pods of green peas

  1. Lay spaghetti in the form of a hill. This is the clown’s "face".

  2. Lay green peas in the form of a "wig".

  3. Lay a "nose" – a small tomato.

  4. Put "eyes" of the circles of zucchini.

  5. Make "pupils" of the halves of a black olive without a pit.

    Make "ears" of spaghetti.

  6. Draw a "mouth" with ketchup.

  7. Make a "jabot" of the pods of green peas and "buttons" of the circles of a boiled carrot.