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The Crow

1 big tomato
2 small tomatos
1 black olive
2 corn kernels
green onion plumelets
parsley stalk

  1. Put a tomato with a cutting downward, and cut out two sections as shown in the photo.

  2. Remove a pulp from one of them – it will be the crow’s beak.

  3. Make a cut - the place where the "beak" is to be inserted.

  4. Make a superficial cut from the opposite side.

  5. Insert some green onion stalks into this cut – a "tail".

  6. Cut across an olive into two parts.

  7. Insert corn kernels into the pit holes - "eyes".

  8. Lay "wings" - green onion stalks, insert the "beak", put two ringlets of green onion on it – a "nose".

  9. Lay olive halves on small tomatoes - "eyes".

  10. Lay the "eyes" as shown in the photo.
    Put "paws" - small