We offer...

We offer to dream up a bit and surprise your friends with unusual dainties. They are simple in making, because in fact usual food are used. The main idea of our cookery is «unusual (in looks) dishes of usual foodstuffs». We have used elementary tools.

What for?

Those mysterious dishes can be done together with your children; in fact, it is both cheerful entertainment and an opportunity for everyone to demonstrate his or her own imagination. Amusing dishes will decorate your festive table. Funny figures will make an everyday table festive. Undoubtedly, both adults and children will like them. Cook such hit for breakfast or dinner and you will receive a charge of fun and good mood for a whole day!


We are authors, and we sell the rights to publishing of our works.
We offer a text and photos for publishing of books about creative cookery for children. We give detailed step-by-step illustrations and detailed description of their cook process.

We have 21 projects for sale:

  • Vegetarian Sandwiches. 50 recipes
  • Holiday Sandwiches. 46 recipes
  • Sandwich-Pictures. 44 recipes
  • Sandwiches for travelers. 41 recipes
  • Fantastic Sandwiches. 41 recipes
  • Merry Sandwiches. 39 recipes
  • Fantasy of Loaves. 35 recipes
  • Funny Hamburgers. 36 recipes
  • Humorous Hamburgers. 35 recipes
  • Fantasy of Vegetables. 42 recipes
  • Merry Vegetables. 42 recipes
  • Festive Vegetables. 42 recipes
  • Funny fruits.58 recipes
  • Tasty horoscope. 36 recipes
  • Fantasy of confectioneries. 36 recipes
  • Merry Garnishes. 33 recipes
  • Surprising Sandwich Cakes. 30 recipes
  • Amazing Pasta. 51 recipes
  • Handmade Articles of Matches. 35 recipes
  • Handmade Articles of Pistachio. 35 recipes
  • New Year’s Party. 47 recipes

Each recipe contains a lot of pictures of the preparing procedures ( from 3 to 15 TIF file for each sandwich) and description of their cook process in English(WORD files).


Trade fair

We are constant participants of the Frankfurter International Book Fair in Germany. Also we participate in a Children's Book Fair in Bologna (Italy).


Our books printed in Russia, Germany, Hong Kong, Czech, Lithuania, India, Spain, Armenia and Hungary.


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